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We have worked tirelessly to develop an ideal bedding for poultry – absorbent, insulating, long lasting and highly cost effective.


Poultry Bedding

Our poultry bedding is a brand new bedding mixing together softwood pine shavings and premium grade softwood pine chips in an ideal blend. Together these two ingredients ensure a totally cost effective bedding for your birds. 

Every bale arrives sealed and stacked 56 to a pallet and then hooded for long term waterproof outdoor storage – no degenerative shrink wrapping used here, just premium one part hoods.  Because we make our own ingredients you can rely on year round supply, whatever the weather – we are particularly known for saving the nations Christmas dinners for 2 years running after early snows stopped other suppliers in their tracks.  We got every single delivery to our customers and even fulfilled the orders which weren't delivered – when we say you can depend on us, we mean you can depend on us.

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Full and half loads available for next day delivery. Call for further details

We only sell Direct to Trade.
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