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GFP specialize in the 'just in time' supply of component parts to the garden buildings industry – graded to any specification set by the customer, cut to precise length, packaged and delivered on demand.
Ask us about our FSC® (Licence Code FSC-C014514) certified products 



This allows the shed maker/garden furniture maker to concentrate their efforts on producing the finished articles by assembling component parts instead of their staff having to cut, grade and re-grade before assembly. Thereby reducing in-house costs and increasing productivity.

GFP can supply the timber machined or customers can bring in their own timber contracts, the 4 acre site can hold upto 2,000m3 at any given time.

GFP have over 40 years in the timber industry and have therefore built up strong relationships with sawmills in both Europe and Russia. FSC® timber (Licence Code. FSC-C014514) readily available to any chain of custody holder. State of the art machining and handling facility ensures a constant ability to supply. The company has 8 moulder lines in total that are maintained in first class condition.


We only sell Direct to Trade.
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